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NordDECO invites potential B2B partners to join a collaboration that celebrates the essence of Northern crafts. As a design and manufacturing company based in Lithuania, we specialize in creating unique wooden coasters and ornaments inspired by the culture and traditions of the Northern countries.

Symphony of Nature and Design

Each NordDECO creation is a testament to our commitment to living in harmony with nature. From birch plywood coasters to oak cutting boards, Scandinavian wooden lamps, and New Zealand wool blankets, our range embodies the simplicity, elegance, and authenticity of Nordic lifestyle.

Exclusive Products

Our priority is to create exclusive yet accessible products. Therefore, we can fulfill small orders at affordable prices. Contact us to learn more about minimum order quantities and pricing for each of our products.

Global Accessibility: Trusted Worldwide

With years of experience working with B2B clients, NordDECO successfully exports its products to the European Union, North America, and Japan. This is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship of our products, which we master in every piece we create. Join the network of partners who value high quality and uniqueness.

We are based in Lithuania and offer fast and convenient delivery throughout the European Union.

Quality Assurance: Elevate Your Brand

We take pride in using high-quality materials for our products, ensuring that each item meets the highest standards. From the initial design proposal to the final quality check, our attention to detail ensures satisfaction for both you and your customers.

Quality Assurance: Elevate Your Brand

NordDECO is more than just a supplier, we are your creative partner. Whether you are interested in our current range or planning to create a separate line for your brand, we are ready to discuss collaboration opportunities. Share your ideas, explore our catalog, and let’s embark together on a journey of creating a unique product inspired by the Nordic countries.

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